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secret restaurant recipes the official artscroll blog
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Title : secret restaurant recipes the official artscroll blog

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Secret Restaurant Recipes - Kosher for
Passover Recipe List

Replace all ingredients with Kosher for Passover-
certified alternatives. Many ingredients used in these
recipes are available with certification. For many
others, such as soy sauce and mustard, Kosher for
Passover imitation versions can be successfully used.

Here is a list of recipes from Secret Restaurant Recipes
that can be used for Passover, some with minor changes.
Make sure to check each ingredient to verify that it’s Kosher
for Passover before using.

Starters and Sides

Mushroom Drops, page 20: Use a Pesach crepe (such as the one featured in
Passover Made Easy, page 15) instead of phyllo.

Guacamole and Chips, page 22: Serve your guacamole
with matzah or a non-gebrokts Pesach cracker instead of
tortilla chips.

Duck Spring Roll, page 32: Use a Pesach crepe (such
as the one featured in Passover Made Easy, page 15)
instead of the spring roll wrapper. Replace rice vinegar
and sesame oil with vinegar and oil alternatives. Spices
may only be available in some locations.

Smoked Short Rib Tacos, page 26. Omit mustard or use imitation mustard. Use a
fresh jalapeno instead of a chipotle pepper. Omit wonton wrappers; serve shredded
short rib over mashed potatoes or a Pesach cracker (from Passover Made Easy, page 18).

Beef Tinga Sliders, page 40. Serve without the bun
or on a Pesach roll (such as Bubbe’s Egg Bagels in
Passover Made Easy, page 97).

Basil Fries, page 48. Replace truffle oil with
additional regular oil.

Poutine, page 60. No substitutions necessary. Gravy
mix is available kosher-for-Passover.

Eggplant Ghetto Style, page 66. No substitutions

Soups and Salads

Sweet Potato Soup, page 72. Omit meatballs, or use your own Kosher-for-Passover

meatball. Replace coconut milk with non-dairy milk

Portobella Mushroom Soup, page 76. No
substitutions necessary.

Cauliflower Bisque, page 80. No substitutions

Darna’s Salad, page 84. Replace mustard with
imitation mustard.

Caesar Salad, page 87. Omit anchovies if unavailable. Adjust seasoning.

California Salad, page 90. Use an alternative nut in place of peanuts. In dressing,
replace sesame oil with alternative oil.

House Salad, page 94. No substitutions necessary.

Heirloom Tomato Salad, page 102. Use standard
honey in place of wildflower honey.

Quinoa and Spinach Salad, page 106. Omit green
beans (except for those who eat kitnios). Replace
sunflower seeds with alternative nut. Replace mustard
with imitation mustard.

Cauliflower and Chickpeas Salad, page 114. Omit

Rockport Salad, page 118. No substitutions

Main Dishes

Eggplant Chicken in Garlic Sauce, page 124. Replace cornstarch with potato
starch. Omit sesame oil. Note that many recipes call for soy sauce. Kosher-for-Passover
imitation soy sauce is readily available and can successfully be used in place of soy

Chicken Fingers with Cranberry BBQ Sauce, page 128. Replace flour with
potato starch. Kosher for Passover panko crumbs are readily available as well.

The Belt, page 140. Use alternative nut in place of pine nuts when preparing pesto.
Use imitation mustard in dressing. Omit baguette.

Chermoula Chicken, page 144. Many of these spices may only be available in
certain locations.

Duck with Sour Cherry Reduction, page 152.
Use this technique to prepare your duck. Juice that is
sweet and tart (such as pomegranate or cranberry)
will also pair well with the duck.

Braised Short Ribs, page 156. No substitutions
necessary. To prepare crispy onions, substitute potato
starch for flour.

Honey Mustard Hanger Steak, page 160. Use
imitation mustard (spicy brown flavor if available) in
place of standard spicy brown mustard.

Chef’s Special, page 164. Omit Cajun spice blend if unavailable and omit porcini
mushroom powder.
Cote De Boeuf, page 168. No substitutions necessary.

Bourbon BBQ Ribs, page 172. Prepare spice rub using all available spices (salt,
pepper, coffee, and sugar are a must). Barbecue sauce can be prepared using onion,
garlic, ketchup, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, honey, salt, pepper, and
Worcestershire sauce if available.

Chinese Style Glazed Corned Beef, page 176. No
substitutions necessary.

Osso Buco, page 186. No substitutions necessary.

Salmon & Tuna with Teriyaki Sauce, page 194.
Replace cornstarch with potato or tapioca starch (a
better thickener).

Tilapia with Sun-Dried Tomato Crunch, page
198. Use a simple syrup instead of corn syrup. Use imitation mustard. Use standard oil.
Use any sweet potato chip or root vegetable chip in place of Terra Brand chips.

Blackened Fish, page 202. No substitutions necessary.

Salmon with Lemon & Caper Sauce, page 206. Omit capers if unavailable.


Spinach Quiche, page 240. Make a crustless

Pizaza Milkshakes, 244. Replace chocolate
sandwich cookie with your favorite Passover
chocolate cookie. Use vanilla extract or vanilla
sugar in place of syrup.


Creme Brulee, page 258. No substitutions

Chocolate Souffle, page 270. No substitutions

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