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Title : MediLodge of Taylor Newsletter

PDF summary : cheesecake recipes to America. . or another, adapting the recipe to local . proclaimed “foodie” and has perfected the art of grilling hot dogs with .

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of Taylor Newsletter

23600 Northline Road, Taylor, MI 48180 P: 734.287.8580
Celebrating Independence Day



July 4th


Wellness at MediLodge of Taylor

zen•sa•tion•al noun /zen’sāSH nl/
1. A state of mind and an active process
where you join with MediLodge on
your journey to Recover, Rejuvenate,
Revitalize and Return Home.

2. A whole person wellness centered

philosophy, experienced in a relaxed
and soothing environment.

“Life does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

MediLodge’s approach to zensational
wellness is an active process in which
each lodger and employee are encouraged
to make choices toward personal growth
in seven dimensions of zensational
wellness: physical, social, emotional,
spiritual, intellectual, occupational and
vocational. The goal of our whole person
wellness program is to recognize the
unique individuality of every person at
our Haven for Healing.

On the 4th of July, we traditionally
celebrate the anniversary of the
declaration of the United States’
independence, but did you know
that is not when Independence
Day celebrations first began?
Even though the U.S. celebrates
its independence from England
on that day, the holiday itself is
largely based on English traditions.

When the Declaration of Independence
was signed, a staged party was planned
to celebrate independence from
England, though nothing official was
ever done for the day to become a
holiday. Because the crowds were so
large, it was assumed that the colonizers
were interested in separating from the
English and the holiday continued.

While the celebrations of the eighteenth
century were essentially a political
movement, today’s Independence Day
celebrations are based on the actual
freedom the U.S. gained from England.
In the last two hundred plus years,
the celebration has been about our
own independence as the United
States of America.

Modern day 4th of July festivities now
include parades, feasts, festivals, and
other large gatherings of people.
Many festivals and parades are held
in town parks.

Popular foods to be served on the
holiday include hamburgers, hotdogs,
corn on the cob, and macaroni or
potato salads.

In addition to family gatherings, many
people associate the 4th of July with
fireworks. While fireworks are largely a
Chinese tradition, they are popular with
millions of Americans to help celebrate
the day with brilliant colorful displays
sometimes set to music.

July Special Events

July is set to be a real blast… Nothing says summer and fun like a night sky lit up
bright with fireworks while great music plays in the background.

We are not only celebrating Freedom in July, we are also celebrating Spam…
Yes, I said Spam. Join the activity department for cooking club on July 5 at 3:30
to celebrate the birth of Spam. If you have had spam sometime in your life you
will want to come swap stories over the sound and smell of cooking spam. If you
haven’t had spam – you have got to come try it!

We are also planning a scavenger hunt for July. I would love to tell you when, but
here is where the hunt begins…find the start day, time and place on the July
Calendar. At that time you will receive all the exciting details.

MediLodge of Taylor Garden Committe
If gardening is your passion, it is not too late to participate.
Our flowers are planted and our veggies and herbs too, but now
we need to nurture them and for that we need you. If you are
interested in helping out in the garden just jump right in. No rules
or regulations just grab the hose and water or pull a weed or two.

A Brief History of Cheesecake

You’d have to search back pretty
far to find a time when the Earth
was without cheesecake.

In fact, back in 776 BC, the Greeks
are said to have served cheesecake to
the athletes at the first Olympic games.
The Romans soon caught on and
spread the divine taste of cheesecake
throughout Europe. From there it was
only a matter of time before European
immigrants brought their cherished
cheesecake recipes to America.

It seems that every region of the globe
has embraced cheesecake in one form
or another, adapting the recipe to local
tastes and adding local flavors.

In America, cheesecakes are typically
made with a cream cheese base, but
we even vary the recipe by region.
New York cheesecake is famous for its
ultra-smooth texture and decadently
rich flavor– achieved by adding extra
egg yolks and a hint of lemon. Other
regional variations include Chicago-
style and Pennsylvania Dutch. Many
American bakers add sour cream for a
creamy cheesecake that can be frozen
without compromising taste or texture.

With every imaginable flavor
and topping, you’d be hard pressed to
find a culture that doesn’t – or didn’t
– enjoy a good cheesecake!

Be there or be square…..
Don’t miss our monthly
birthday bash. Our
birthday bash is known for
great music, awesome cake
and lots of laughs.

Are you new
to Medilodge
of Taylor?
We would like to extend a
warm welcome to all of our
new Lodgers, and invite
you to attend this month’s
“Meet and Greet”. Consult
the monthly calendar for day
and time. The meet and greet
is a great opportunity to
meet some new people, and
find out about everything
happening at Medilodge of
Taylor. That is also a great
time to let us know if there is
anything we can do to make
your stay more comfortable.

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