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Title : fiamma burger to go menu2016 10.pdf

PDF summary : Fiamma Burger w/Cheese 6.49. Bacon Cheese Burger 7.95 . with our secret recipe balsamic grape jam, . Kids Meal kids grilled cheese, hot dog, fried.

Creationdate : 2016-November-11
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burgers come on our house-baked egg bun

Fiamma Burger 5.49
Fiamma Burger w/Cheese 6.49
Bacon Cheese Burger 7.95

no cheese 6.95
these come with lettuce, onion,
tomato, pickles, secret sauce

Kids Meal kids grilled cheese, hot dog, fried
chicken bites or burger (w/ketchup, mustard +
pickle) + a handful o’ fries + a drink. (12 + under
only) 5.50

All-American Burger two 3-oz beef
patties, grilled onions, pickles, ketchup, mayo
and American cheese. 6.95
Fiamma Junior a smaller burger for a
smaller appetite. with ketchup, mustard,
pickles and onion. 4.25

The Big Kid Grilled Cheese
smoked cheddar, gouda, provolone and cheddar-
jack cheese on an inside-out bun. 4.95

BBQ Bacon Blue Ring topped with
an onion ring, blue cheese, bacon and BBQ
sauce. Plus lettuce, tomato, pickles + secret
sauce. 8.25

Blue Ring (without bacon) 6.75

Pulled Pork Sandwich house-smoked
BBQ pork, topped with shoe-string
potatoes and our coleslaw. 7.95
Lamb Burger northwest lamb with
arugula, curry mayo, crispy fried potatoes
and pickled red onions. 7.50

S.W. Burger chili+cumin-seasoned burger
with fire-roasted Hatch green chilies,
guacamole, and pepper-jack with lettuce,
tomato, pickles, onion + secret sauce. 8.50
Chopped Cheese Sandwich NYC
bodega favorite meets Philly cheesesteak. A
grinder roll with chopped beef, onions, peppers,
American cheese and roasted garlic mayo. 6.50

Add cheese curds for $1.00

N.W. Burger arugula, roasted garlic,
smoked onions, cheddar-jack and horseradish
mayo. your choice of lamb, elk or local
grass-fed beef. 8.50
B ”HAM” burger beef burger topped
with cheese, prosciutto (salt-cured Italian
ham), egg*, shoe-string potatoes and
smokey sauce. 7.95
Mushroom Swiss sautéed fresh
mushrooms, roasted garlic, grilled onions
with swiss cheese. plus lettuce, tomato,
pickles + secret sauce. 7.95

Salmon Burger made from scratch with
wild Alaska salmon. includes lettuce, tomato,
pickles, onion and tartar sauce. 7.50

Add bacon for $1.50

Fried Chicken Sandwich
buttermilk brined fried chicken, lettuce, tomato,
pickles, onion and roasted garlic mayo. 6.95

Fried Chicken Bacon Ranch
buttermilk brined fried chicken, bacon, ranch,
lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion. 8.50

Sriracha Fried Chicken blue cheese
spread, lettuce, tomato, pickles + onion. 7.50

Teriyaki Chicken Burger
teriyaki sauce, a fresh pineapple ring + Swiss
cheese. plus lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions +
roasted garlic mayo. 7.50

Seared Chicken Sammy
rosemary + balsamic marinated chicken breast
with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and roasted
garlic mayo + a whole wheat bun. 6.50

Chicken Biscuit Sandwich
fried chicken breast on a buttermilk biscuit
with our secret recipe balsamic grape jam,
honey butter and arugula. 6.95


Potato Fries skin-on NW
fries. 2.50/6.50
Sweet Potato Fries
with chili lime + a side of
our ranch. 3.50/7.95
Onion Rings sweet onion
coated w/seasoned corn
meal. 2.95/5.95
Garlic Fries tossed in
garlic butter, parmesan +
parsley. 3.50/6.95

Poutine beef gravy, potato
fries w/cheese curds +
herbs. 3.95/7.50
Fiamma Chili beef +
bean or veg. chili w/cheddar
cheese, onions + sour
cream. 4.50
Green Salad with our
Sudden Valley ranch or
house vinaigrette. 4.50


Lemonade Slushy
Lemonade Slushy

16 Ounce Frozen Custard
chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. see sign for
featured shakes. 5
Soft Serve Frozen Custard
chocolate, vanilla or twist in a sugar cone. 4

no-charge add-ons: sauerkraut, raw onion, relish, ketchup + mustard.
+$ add: chili - 2.00 grilled onions - .50 Hatch green chilies - 1.25

*burgers and eggs are cooked to order. consuming raw or undercooked meat/eggs can increase your risk of food-borne illness. burgers and eggs on the kids meal are not offered undercooked.
***all prices and items subject to change without notice***



HASH is a grilled potato casserole dish.
Diced red potatoes with carmalized onions. Served with two
over-soft eggs* on top and a drizzle of sour cream.

Basic Hash Potatoes with onions and a drizzle. Served
with two over-easy eggs. $6.50. Cheesy Hash 7.50

add WalkingStick HashBrowns +Coffee or
Orange Juice +2.75
Served on our warm house-baked buns, English muffin or biscuit.
Made with over-soft eggs*.Sub egg whites? Okay.

Fancier Hash Same, plus bacon, red peppers, jack
cheese and a drizzle. 8.95

Plain Egg+Cheese Sammy Fried egg, cheddar-jack,
Fried Shoestring Potatoes and pesto mayo. 3.75

Veggie Hash Potatoes, onions, broccoli, red peppers,
mushrooms, zucchini, jack cheese, 2 eggs and a drizzle. 8.95

Pork Sausage Fresh ground pork sausage, fried egg,
chedda-jack cheese, hot sauce mayo. 5.50

Pork ‘n’ Hatch Hash Basic hash + smoked/pulled pork +
hatch green chile + jack cheese + two eggs + a drizzle. 8.95

Meat and Gravy Hash Potatoes, onions, mushrooms,
chopped hamburger, jack cheese, 2 eggs, beef gravy and a
drizzle. 8.95

Pancakes , egg sandwich, or eggs ‘n potatoes
Kid sized. Served with a drink. 5.50
(12 and under only, please)

The Ham Fried egg, ham, cheese, Dijon mayo. Only 4.95

Hickory Chicken Sausage Our sundried tomato/arugula
chicken sausage, provolone cheese, fried egg + mayo. 5.75

The Bacon Bacon, fried egg, cheese and pesto mayo. 5.75

The Veggie Fried egg, red peppers, arugula, Swiss
cheese and pesto mayo. 4.95

TEA same price


OJ two too

MILK 1.99


Chicken on a Biscuit Fried chicken
on a biscuit with kale slaw and country
gravy. Drizzled with sweet chili sauce.
7.50 +an egg* for 1.25
Breakfast Poutine Cheese
curds and country gravy over potato
fries with an egg* on top. 5.95
+ bacon, sausage or ham for 2.00


Fried Chicken + Waffle
Our secret recipe chicken served on
a fresh waffle with kale slaw and
house-made orange buttermilk syr-
up, oh my! 8.50

Fiamma Slam 2 pancakes, 2
eggs* your way and your choice of
meat. 7.50
Smoked Pork Biscuit house-
smoked shredded pork on our bis-
cuit with country gravy and driz-
zled with BBQ sauce. 7.50
add an egg* for 1.25



Bacon 1.50
Sausage Patty 2.00
Ham 2.00
Red Potato Hash
(half order) 3.75
Biscuit (w/cinnamon
butter) 2.95

Brown Gravy 1.50
Country Gravy 1.50
Extra Cheese 1.00
Extra Egg* 1.25
Extra Other Mkt price
G/F bun 1.00
Extra Syrup .75

Walkingstick - aka Walking Hash-
browns. These are the stick ones, not HASH.
Like back in the cafeteria days. Made from
scratch with russet potatoes and seasoned with
rosemary & black pepper. (allergy warning:
contains egg) 1.50

Berry Syrup
Choose one or try all three for $1.50

Maple Syrup
The good stuff.


Pancakes Fluffy, golden pancakes with a hint of cornmeal.
Served with cinnamon butter and your choice of syrup.

short stack (3 cakes) 5.00 • tall stack (5 cakes) 7.00
Add seasonal fruit compote 1.00

Fancy cakes pick from blueberry, chocolate chip or
walnut cakes. Add seasonal fruit compote 1.00
short stack 6.00 • tall stack 8.00

Fiamma Waffle Served with berry syrup and
whipped cream. 6.00 add seasonal fruit compote 1.00

*Eggs are cooked to order. Ordering/consuming undercooked eggs can increase your risk of food-borne illness.

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